Franzi R - 4 Day Intensive October 2014 "Rebecca and Hester are really nice and competent. In the 4 day iests preparation course they teach you everything you need to know and provide you with well structured material. On top of this they create a welcoming and warm atmosphere "

Felix B - four day course - student "I really enjoyed the four days of intensive training before I took the IELTS- test. Being taught by a native speaker of English, practicing under authentic test conditions and an immediate feed- back are typical of this course and were a great help to me. Without these classes I wouldn't have reached the overall band score of 7.0. If I ever have to do the test again I will come back to you. Best regards, Felix"

Katja H - C1 conversation and 4 Day IELTS 2013 - now living the life in NZ " "I can highly recommend the 4 day intense IELTS preparation course! I needed to get an overall bandscore of 7.5. Rebecca's systematic approach with the focus on the special type of tasks required in the test and her motivational work throughout the course helped me to get a score of 8.0. even. It was good fun, too!""

Manuel Lorusso 4 day intensive April 2014 "Absolutely reccomended! This course is the best way to train yourself for the Ielts exam. The teachers are very professional and know exactely what they are doing. I succeeded with a score higher than what I needed! One more time thank you IELTS Berlin! Manuel "

4 day intensive " A really good package of preparation. I was very surprised at the progress I made in such a short time. "

Norbert H. 4 day course "I wholeheartedly recommend the four-day intense course to everyone who wants to pass the IELTS-test. In my exam I reached a 7.5 overall band score and scores of 6.5 – 8.5 in each tested section. This result is especially due to the great preparation I got from Rebecca and Hester in the course. Especially the writing exercises were very helpful for me. Thank you both for your great support! Best, Norbert"

Fritz. v. Mangoldt Weekend Intensive "ich habe gestern meine IELTS-Testergebnisse erhalten. Es hat alles wunderbar gepasst. Durchschnitt 7,5, Listening 9,0, Reading, 7,5, Writing 6,5, Speaking 6,5. Ich bin überglücklich und danke Dir nochmals von Herzen für die tolle Vorbereitung. Natürlich werde ich Dich weiterempfehlen."

Hartmut Friedrichs ""Hello Rebecca, thank you so much for the great preparation for the IELTS. I've attended a one-week preparation course and have passed the IELTS with very good results. I took the test for the application for permanent residence in Canada. All paperwork been done and I'm going to move to Vancouver in May 2013" "

Judith M - 4 day intensive "Hello Rebecca, finally I did the IELTS on September 22 and got my results J I reached an overall score of 7!!!!!!! Reading: 8 Listening: 6,5 Speaking: 5,5 Writing: 7 So I am totally happy with my results, as I needed an overall score of 6,5 with no section less than 5,5. Thank you for your good preparation. I really enjoyed the course and I would recommend your preparation course!! Best wishes Judith"

Fabian B - Four day Intensive "Hello Rebecca, I am very happy with my IELTS results! I have achieved an overall band score of 7.0 with a reading score of 6.5 and listening, speaking and writing results of 7.0. I would not have got these results without the intensive training and the detailed corrections of my exercises. This support by IELTS Trainers is unique and I can really recommend it! Thank you very much for your help! Best wishes Fabian"

Juliane Lube - 4 Day Intensive Feb 2012 "I don't know how to thank you for the wonderful preparation for the > IELTS. I got my results last Friday and I did an amazing overall band score of 8.0! > Reading and Listening: 9, Writing: 6.5 and Speaking 7. I was so happy > that I fell from my chair when I read the results on the internet. > > Thank you again and have a nice week!"

Sebastian S One to One lessons with Jon "Ich hatte es mit dem IELTS Test sehr eilig, da die Bewerbungsfrist für eine Universität im Ausland kurz vor dem Ablaufen war. Daher habe ich mich an IELTS-Berlin gewandt. Der Kontakt war sehr freundlich. Ich bekam innerhalb kürzester Zeit gleich Termine für den Privatunterricht, der für mich aufgrund des knappen Zeitfensters als einziges in Frage kam. Innerhalb von 10 Werktagen habe ich 20 Stunden absolviert. Ich musste für eine Bewerbung an einer ausländischen Universität das relativ hohe, aber übliche Ergebnis von 7 Punkten erreichen. Der Trainer war kurz gesagt sehr gut. Er hatte ausreichend Unterlagen. Es war deutlich ein Konzept erkennbar, sowie eine dahinter steckende praktische Erfahrung mit dem Test. Mir wurde die Systematik des Tests sowie alles, worauf es ankommt (es geht eben nicht nur um simple Englischkenntnisse) beigebracht. Gleich im ersten Anlauf konnte ich das Wunschergebnis erreichen. Weiterhin war der Trainer sehr freundlich. Auf die morgendlichen Gespräche bei einem Kaffee, die gleichermaßen eine gute Übung sind, habe ich mich sogar immer gefreut. "

Sebastian Richter ""Ich benötigte für meine Bewerbungen einen Nachweis über meine English-Kenntnisse und hatte mich im Vorfeld zum IELTS für einen Probe-Test bei IELTS Berlin entschieden. Rebecca überzeugte in jeder Hinsicht: Sie war sehr professionell, freundlich und vor allem ermutigend! Darüberhinaus ist dieser Test eine äußerst sinnvolle Investition, denn nichts geht über eine Simulation und ein persönliches Feedback! Es wurden Stärken und Schwächen besprochen und praktische Verbesserungsvorschläge gemacht. Wer den IELTS-Test gut bestehen und nur einmal machen will, sollte diesen Probe-Test machen. Danke Rebecca!" - Sebastian Richter (Band 7.5) - "

Wiktor from Poland "I can recommend the 4-day intensive course, I took part in it, was with 2 other students, had great time, learnt a lot, prepared to the exam, but also improved my English, got 7.5 at the exam, the mark I wanted. In the middle of each day we went for a lunch with John/Rebecca, the sushi 2 minutes on foot from the place was amazing :D Wiktor "

Peter H. 4 Day course plus one to one plus a mock test. 2011/2012 "I've got my IELTS-Test results just now, and I'm really satisfied. The listening-part was hard but in the beginning only, during this test I gained more and more self-confidence. I didn't have problems with the reading test, but I couldn't finish it. I didn't aware the time and I missed two or three answers. In the writing part I got problems too. The second task I did some missunderstandings, so I'm afraid. The speaking test was a really good run for me. Very good examiner, a woman and topics which I liked. Thank you very much for your patience and your help. I've done the next step for my plan. Listening 6.5 Reading 6.0 Writing 6.0 Speaking 7.0 Overall 6.5 Have a nice Weekend!"

Dr Yani "I have surpassed a required score of 7, with an overall band score of 7.5 and scores of 7 - 7.5 in each category of the IELTS. I was able to achieve this result, based on the excellent preparation I got during a 4 day intensive course from Rebecca and Jon, followed by extra writing training via internet with Hester. I absolutely recommend their intense, accurate and effective training. Thank you. "

Mona G - Online Writing November 2011 "Ich habe am e-learning module teilgenommen, da ich v. a. meine Leistungen im schriftlichen Teil verbessern wollte. Alle Aufgaben, die ich nacheinander eingereicht habe wurden mir innerhalb kürzester Zeit korrigiert und mit einem ausführlichen Feedback zurückgesandt. Das war sehr effizient, da ich so nicht nur viel gezielter an meinen Fehlern arbeiten konnte sondern mir auch meine Zeit selbst einteilen konnte. Dank der vielen hilfreichen Tips und der individuellen Betreuung habe ich es geschafft im schriftlichen Teil einen Score von 7 zu bekommen. Auf die gleiche Weise habe ich übrigens auch eine Bewerbung von mir von Rebecca korrekturlesen lassen. Vielen Dank nochmal!" Alles Gute Mona"

Maria Krause- one to one "The course was very well in preparation of the IELTS. After this course I knew what I have to do in the test. I got a 6.5 as overall score (I needed 6.5). Without the preparation course I wouldn't have passed the test with this result. I am very proud. Thank you again for the good preparation. Maria Krause "

Beatrice Schütze "I decided to attend two kind of courses in various different institutions in Berlin, one other and IELTS Berlin preparation course and the Weekend Intensive Course by Rebecca. The only thing they have in common is the workbook: New Insights into IELTS (Cambridge). The GLS course does not seperate between the General and Academic Module. The course leader seems not to be interested to fulfil your personal requests. Quite the contrary you have to resolve every task in this book. I started to ask me how useful it is to resolve Academic Module tasks if I have to pass the General Module? And the most negative aspect was: The teacher wasn’t able to give you tips and strategies to solve the IELTS-Exam. In contrast to the Weekend Intensive Course. This course was an enriching experience for me. The course took place in a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Your personal requests were at the centre of the course program. In the focus are all four parts of the Module you need with a lot of valuable tips and strategies you will not find in books. I am very glad that I attended this Weekend Course and was able to reach my wished test results of 6.5. Thank you Rebecca for this great course."

Alexander "I had a great time, I learned very well and I can recommend this course to everybody. I passed the IELTS with 6.5 (I needed 5,0) Points and I am happy!"

Willem "I want to thank you and the other teacher, without you two I definitely wouldn't have passed the test."

Wir freuen uns über die Rückmeldungen unserer Teilnehmer und möchten gerne erfahren, wie der Test verlaufen ist. Hier eine Auswahl des Feedbacks: